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According to "Yahoo Sports" report, air jordan outlet store in 76 games against the Pacers, 76ers guard Tony - Rothen in a dribble in the process of shedding sole attracted a lot of attention, air jordan outlet most recently in an interview, Rothen He said, although that matter is made him embarrassed, but, Michael - Jordan has apologized to him, so this thing will be over.

    Rothen soles off last week's game, he was wearing Jordan series of shoes, air jordan shop online the shoes after bad, Rothen had rushed to the locker room. With in an interview, he said, "There is nothing more embarrassing than this thing." But in general, even if your shoes quality problem, you can hardly see the face of a full-time customer service staff, but Jordan will he himself as a symbol printed on the shoes, let this idea become possible.

In Rothen shoes out of the question after Jordan came out to apologize personally air jordan online shop, Rothen said, "although it does make people feel embarrassed, but things do happen - Michael Jordan to my agent phoned, yes, Jordan to apologize to me. "

    Coincidentally, in addition Rothen, recently there appears shoes Spurs Manu Ginobili problem, air jordan outlet online in a defense, Ginobili directly through the soles of the feet, but in talking about "tramp event", the Gino Billy did not put the blame on the shoe manufacturers who believe shoes are worn Yaodao Spurs because he was on the hot garage reasons cheap air jordan outlet.

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